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Welcome to our Immigration Page!

Firstly we have a number of Licensed Advisers and Consultants that can help you with all your immigration and education needs.

With the many choices available to clients we will assess your requirements and needs and find the best option for you to achieve your goals. Our high quality service has very high success rates and many of our past customers first started as students and who now have great jobs and live here permanently.

Here we will explain the basic immigration rules that operate in New Zealand and tell you some important facts that you should know before starting your trip to New Zealand.

  • Unless you are a New Zealand citizen or a holder of a passport from a "visa free country" you will need a visa to enter New Zealand.
  • You will need to apply for this visa before you start your trip here.
  • The type of visa you apply for will determine what you can do while in New Zealand and how long you can stay in New Zealand.
  • If you seek advice on Immigration to New Zealand it must be from a person who is a “Licensed Immigration Adviser” .
  • Once you have been granted a visa it will allow you to enter and stay in New Zealand for the time and purpose stated on the visa label.

Visa Types

There are many types of visas that you can apply for and they are all put into 2 main areas.

Temporary Entry

These visas allow you to come and stay in New Zealand for a limited time
Visitors: allows visitors and tourists visit, travel and sightsee in New Zealand.
Students: allows students to come and study at one of our learning institutions
Work: allows workers to come and work in New Zealand for a period of time.

Residence or Living here Permanetly

Skilled Migrant: New Zealand is always looking for skilled people who wish to work and live in this country.
Family: This category allows partners, parents and family members to immigrate to New Zealand to be together.
Business: This category is for people who wish to start or invest in a business in New Zealand.

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